It’s Time!

This is so surreal. Martha and I tossed around the idea of going to Southeast Asia over a year ago. Seven months ago (yes kind of advanced booking…) we bought our one-way tickets to Bangkok and now the time has finally arrived. I don’t think I could be anymore thrilled than I am! College has been an incredible experience and I’m so thankful for my education. I’m ready for life to be off schedule for a while and I could not be more excited to get back to long term travel, to indulge in all the lessons it has to offer. If you’ve traveled long term you know that indescribable feeling I’m talking about- of learning, being reminded about what’s most important, feeling free, and the possibilities for tomorrow being endless. On this trip I plan to see countless sunsets, wake up more often for sunrises, improve my photography, try new things, take in every ounce of culture, and go on some amazing adventures all with one of my best friends!

We have a day and a half in LA before our long flight begins. It’s about 14.5 hours to Taiwan, where we have a 16 hour layover. We are going to hang out in Taipei for the day and explore, then it’s off to Bangkok for two nights on Khao San Road (where the Hangover II was filmed). We probably won’t explore much more of Bangkok for the time being due to political issues occurring in the country.

Life in a bag begins now!




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