To start off our trip we spent a day and a half in LA! We walked Hollywood Boulevard at night then did Venice Beach and Santa Monica all day on Monday. It was packed at the beaches due to Memorial Day! We caught a flight at 1am to Taiwan, where we spent the whole day meandering around Tapei and Tamsui by bus and metro. Taiwan is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. The buildings are very boxy and have an industrial feel. The highways were so tall it blew me away!!

Then we got on another late flight to Bangkok. Once we arrived we spent some time wandering around Khao San Road (where the Hangover II was filmed) trying to find our hotel.

DSC_0181DSC_0195DSC_0210Martha, in Taiwan.

The media has way over hyped the Marshal Law that was put into place early last week. We’ve only seen a few military personal here and there. Other than that, you would never know there was any conflict happening in Bangkok. To think that we almost flew directly to Chiang Mai… That would have been completely unnecessary. When we arrived last night, there were still people out on Khao San Road at 3am although the curfew during the Coup is 10pm. However, with that being said, Martha and I are still going to respect the curfew. I’m so hot, I stick to everything. I’ve got a nice layer of sweat covering my body at all times and ‘rinse offs’ are frequent to refresh. The humidity is insane and we’ve drank three giant bottles of water today. Last night, we were like Zombies when we arrived at our hotel at 3am after searching forever. We didn’t even realize there was an air conditioner so we slept in the hot hot heat with no window in a very small room! Today, we got a personal Tuk Tuk driver for $1 each. Joe brought us around to all of the temples today, including the Reclining Buddha! He’s HUGE!

DSC_0340DSC_0303DSC_0304DSC_0411DSC_0424 DSC_0407DSC_0427DSC_0521
Last night we walked around Khao San Road. We had dinner and met two nice Thai People! They were full of energy and very fun to talk to. After that we kept walking up the road. I decided to get a scorpion on a stick. I could only muster up to courage to put one pincer in my mouth. GROSS!! It taste burnt and bitter. Then we had some beers at another place, where we met a couple from the South Spain, who were very nice. We had a lot of fun meeting people and experiencing Khao San Road’s night life.

Onto another day in Bangkok then we catch a 14 hour train ride to Chiang Mai overnight tonight!





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