Nha Trang to Saigon

Mar and I finally got a computer charger! It broke in Nha Trang, Vietnam so we’ve been out of commission. After Hoi An, We spent another week making our way down the coast of Vietnam. We visited Nha Trang for a few days, a beach city, then headed to Da Lat in the mountains to do some canyoning. Canyoning was the coolest thing I’ve done! We propelled down waterfalls, slid down natural water slides, and jumped off cliffs. I accidentally hung myself upside down from the waterfall, bashing my knee into the cliff face, then falling head first into the water below. OOPS! The cliff of the waterfall goes inward so you can’t walk down it after a certain point. You have to loosen your rope, push off the waterfall and fall into the water. I didn’t loosen mine enough so I got hung up. Never the less I survived and it was hilarious. Mar got it on video! On the last waterfall I was actually terrified. We couldn’t see over the waterfall so we had to listen carefully and remember his instructions. 1) absail down a few feet 2) slide down 3)spin and drop. Well number two threw me off once I was in the process. By slide I was thinking a natural rock formation to slide on like previous times that day. NO. What he really mean was throw yourself into a gushing waterfall, let go and fall. It would have been fine if he hadn’t said “slide.” I yelled up at him and said “WHAT DO YOU MEAN SLIDE?! THERE IS NO SLIDE.” Hahaha. When it was over the guide and I had a good laugh about it. He said “you dropped too soon.” Oh is that why I felt like I was drowning?


Da Lat was refreshingly cold because it’s up in the mountains. It’s the newest city in Vietnam and Mar and I were surprised by it’s size. We didn’t spend much time in Da Lat and quickly made our way to Mui Ne. We only spent one night in Mui Ne as well. We wanted to check out the sand dunes and fairy stream before making our way to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). While there, we went to the War Remnants Museum which shows the history of the Vietnam War. It was graphic and hard at times, but I did my best to learn. The next day we did the Cu Chi Tunnels, where Vietnemese people lived underground and conducted guerrilla warfare against the Americans.
After Saigon we changed countries- CAMBODIA! I know I already wrote about the Killing Fields. I did that because it was still fresh and didn’t require many pictures.


Fairy Stream, Mui Ne


Nha Trang


Motorbikes in Saigon




Martha and I love Vietnam. We had a lot of time to really enjoy the country and learn about it. I know I will return to Vietnam someday to see how it changes and evolves! Plus, I’ll miss the traffic.. 😉


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