Man buns

Around the world some styles cross all cultural borders.

For example, high-waisted shorts are taking over the world and no one can stop them.

Bro-tanks will forever be a wardrobe staple of 20-something men.

Converses will never go out of style.

It does seem that the States are typically last in picking up trends, though — hair, makeup and fashion.

One hair trend for men is sweeping Southeast Asia — the bun-shave (named it myself) — and I am here to beg ANY MALE reading this … PLEASE RESIST!

These are the steps to achieving the look:

1. Grow out a flow that would make every wanna-be hockey player proud.

2. Shave the sides and back. Leave a toupee-chunk of hair.

3. Borrow your sister’s/girlfriend’s hair tie.

4. Smooth back that random chunk of flow still chilling on the top of your head and bun it up.

5. Walk proudly as strangers stare at you in deep confusion.

Trust me. It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look cool. BUT EVERYONE IS DOING IT.

Resist I tell you! Resist!

Do not let this become the Euro-faux hawk circa 2012.


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