Full Moon & Koh Tao Lovin

Koh Phangan

First stop in the islands: Koh Phangan, the birthplace of the full moon party. After 30 hours of non-stop travel from Siem Reap to Koh Phangan we were ready to partaaaayy!

A huge group of us, (including Sara, Naomi, Christine, Nick, and Brett who we met in Cambodia) met to pre-game at one hostel. We got buckets (the sand castle building type, except filled with alcohol), and painted each other’s bodies in neon. Art was made. Art was later destroyed. I met so many cool new people at the pre-game (ehm, Glen!). I wish we could paint our bodies for every party.

After the pre-game we spent the rest of the night and into the morning partying on the beach, Haad Rin. This beach contained the largest amount of people I’ve ever seen partying in one spot. Bars lined the beach playing music and selling beer and buckets while we danced and sang. We have a disposable camera full of pictures I can’t wait to develop when I get home. I had a blast dancing with Sara and Christine who are two of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. I’m so glad we made it to the full moon party and I highly recommend going if you’re ever in Thailand:)

Brett, Mar and I rented motor bikes on our last day on Koh Phangan. I loved driving once I got the hang of it! Driving is something I love to do in general so it felt good to be on a motor bike cruising the coast of the island. It was so hilly and curvy! We drove to the northern point of the island, about 40 minutes away- Koh Ma. Here we spent time hanging on the beach then getting great views from a viewpoint. I simply loved this day.


Brett, Mar and I at Full Moon Party- more neon paint to come!



photo1-2 Koh Ma view point

Koh Tao

“We never should have left Koh Tao” became a saying once we left this amazing island. I think Mar and I can easily agree this was our favorite Thai island. The vibes were so good and the people and memories made it hard to leave.

Koh Tao is the scuba diving capital of the world. You can get certified to dive for $300 and there are so many scuba schools to choose from. Mar and I chose Ban’s, which is literally the biggest dive school in the world because it certifies the most people per year.

We did four open water dives around Koh Tao, each lasting 40 minutes. I love diving and I’m so glad we got to do it! We REALLY wanted to do the advanced course which certifies you to 30 meters instead of 18 and teaches you to navigate so you don’t need a guide. But we couldn’t justify it this time around.

We loved Koh Tao because of the diving atmosphere, nightlife, and people we were with. I actually never left Sairee beach in our six nights. Mar and I had booked a night boat to Phuket but two hours before it left we decided to switch it to the next night. We just didn’t want to leave Koh Tao. We ended up hanging out with Nick, Glen, Stuart, and Joel for another awesome night out at Lotus! Lotus has fire shows and fire jump ropes. Yup, we jumped over said fire rope (oh and fire limbo). We unfortunately said goodbye to Brett the night before–so so sad! We felt a little weird for the next few days not having him around. Koh Tao is where everyone in our group started leaving one by one to go home.

Mar and I got to really get to know Nick and Glen more once it was just the four of us. Nick is from Chicago and goes to school in LA with Glen, who is from LA. Glen loves his ‘rich white guy’ sports while Nick is into films! Haha. It was a blast hanging out with these two because they have fun personalities and are genuinely awesome people!

We met two Canadians and asked them how long they’d been on Koh Tao. They replied “We came here a month ago for four days.”

Mar and I keep joking that we are going to open up a dog grooming and motor bike accident clinic some day so we can go back and never leave Koh Tao.







Monalize, Mar, Alex and I with our dive instructor (middle) Alex! Great Crew!

After six nights on this incredible island, Nick, Glen, Mar and I took a night boat to Phuket the following evening.

The Gulf of Thailand was spectacular all the way from Koh Rong to Koh Tao! Now off to the Andaman Sea.


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