Where are you now?

Obviously a key part of traveling is … traveling! We knew we would be taking lots and lots of taxies, buses, trains, planes, tuk tuks, boats, metros, motorcycles, and on and on.

We were aware. Anna went all over New Zealand and Australia. I went all around Scotland and Western Europe. We already knew how to travel.

The other evening around 7 p.m. we wandered into a travel agency and tried to book a bus for the next morning at 8 a.m. We wanted to go from Krabi, Thailand to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia.

It wasn’t an unusual event. We always book last minute. Sometimes we don’t book, we just show up. It always works. Everyone does it.

Well, this time it didn’t work. The women gave us a ‘you are both morons’ look and told us the bus was booked for the next few days. ‘It’s the end of Ramadan,’ she said with a hint of ‘duh’ in her voice.

Oh yeah … we kind of forgot about that.


A disco bus we took in Thailand on July 13.

Back to the hotel room, after an hour of searching we secured two reasonably priced plane tickets for the next morning to Singapore. We would skip the islands and head from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Problem solved … except for the fact that the bus ride from Singapore to KL proved to be a bit more difficult that we intended.

But I couldn’t help but laugh as our plane took off from Krabi. I couldn’t help but think about just a few years ago and my first time booking a flight. Ahhh Ryanair — such a love/hate relationship.

As a naive 19-year-old, I was booking a flight to Dublin from Scotland, and I had no idea what I was doing. I was emailing my dad frantically and attempting to be calm, but I was actually completely overwhelmed by the situation.

I messed it up royally.

I booked a flight that arrived 12 hours before my friends I was meeting, and that left at 8 a.m. after St. Patrick’s Day … not problem except I was spending St. Paddy’s Day on the western side of Ireland — the exact opposite of Dublin.

It was a mess. I took a 4 a.m. bus to the airport. I slept in the waiting area with temporary clover tattoos on my cheeks, an orange, white and green feather boa around my neck and ripped tights.

Pure class.

I also fell asleep on my train ride from the airport to Stirling, Scotland. I missed my stop (luckily by one stop) and had a 45 minute walk back to town. I was also robbed while I slept, except they only stole my book. I still had my passport and all money, but I was pissed. I didn’t get to find out if Beth and Logan ended up together to not?!?! (Ahhh The Lucky One. Thank God Zac Efron made the movie.)

It was a mess. I was a little travel virgin, and I sucked at it.

Now making travel plans isn’t even something I have to think about. It’s more a chore.

Wake up, brush my teeth, book a flight, get dressed.

Eat lunch, buy new sunglasses (because my 28th pair broke), book a bus, check for hostels, go to the beach.


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