Gotta Get to Malaysia!

8pm, Krabi, Thailand: “Hi can we book a bus to the Perhinthian Islands, Malaysia for 7am tomorrow morning?”

Lady, looking at us like we’re morons: “It’s Ramadan, buses are full the next few days.”

Right. That’s an issue.

Next and only option- fly. Fly directly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or fly to Singapore and snag a bus to KL to save $45? Why not make what could have been a four hour journey into a 16 hour journey? For the sake of saving $45, we took option B.

After flight, boarder crossing, and several city buses later, we found ourselves on our last (coach) bus of the night wishing it was an all nighter. That’s how you know traveling has become part of you- you’re actually wishing you could stay on the bus, because you know that when you arrive at 2am you still need to find accommodation. Hostel shopping at 2am is always a good time. We actually didn’t think we’d get into KL any later than 10pm. HA.

We never book in advance. The only other time we couldn’t get on a bus the next morning was from Sihanoukville, Cambodia to Siem Reap and that was only a minor inconvenience. Trust us, we’ve been on our fair share of buses (over 65 hours in Vietnam alone). Throw in Ramadan and you get our second fully booked bus incident.

Unfortunately this cut off the Perhinthian Islands. We spent a little to much time in the Thai Islands (mainly because we couldn’t get ourselves to leave Koh Tao), so that cut into our Malaysia time already. It would have consumed too much time for us to travel from KL to the north in order to dive in the Perhinthians. That’s okay though, it was and adventure!

Honestly, times like this just make travel hilarious. All we could do is laugh, and I’m actually happy about how things turned out. It was an interesting journey with more thrills than just getting on an organized bus. We are so patient with transportation and being in travel mode from one place to the next it’s not even funny. We joke “Hurry up and wait!” because they’re always rushing you, just to make you wait.

Basically, we hung out in KL for five days walking around the city, window shopping at the mall, sleeping in, eating WAY too many sweets, chilling in the most lively China Town I’ve ever experienced, and climbing the countless stairs of the Batu Caves.

I really liked Malaysia. It was exciting to be in a big city- a really nice one at that! Malaysia was very different from any other country because it had so many different ethnicities but was mainly Muslim. I had never been to a Muslim country so it was nice to experience a new culture. I found the people of Malaysia to be the friendliest I have ever met. They always said hi to us and were willing to help us in any way they could.

I left Malaysia with a smile on my face, ready to concur Singapore!

2012-08-04 11.15.02
DSC_0304 DSC_0311

Next up- an odd time in Singapore!


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