Phuket, Phi Phi, Railay

Phuket: Glen, Nick, Mar and I spent two days in Phuket doing nothing. We set foot on Patong beach for about ten minutes and spent time walking around this oddly modern city filled with home favorites like Auntie Anne’s, Starbucks, and Ben and Jerry’s. In the evening we discovered a bar that like to blast classics from Bon Jovi to Joan Jett. I wasn’t complaining.

We said goodbye to Glen who was off to Singapore and eventually Tokyo. We didn’t want to see him go because the four off us were having such a good time together. I feel like I’ve known Glen and Nick for a long time.

After another lazy day in Phuket, the remaining three amigos went to Koh Phi Phi, the infamous island where the Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Beach” was filmed.


Nick and I-First day on Phi Phi. Safe to say the tide was out.

And then it rained for two days. And by rain I mean it was the wrath of Titan raining down on Phi Phi. The streets were filled with water up to my shins in some areas! Thankfully we had a covered porch where we all read and relaxed. I kind of loved it 🙂

We also discovered that our room came with a cat, who Nick named Bernie Cat. I kicked him out several times but for some reason he stilled loved me. I guess I did pet him the most.

2012-07-30 18.28.25

Kitty Kitty


Nick, Mar and I at “The Beach”

2012-07-30 10.38.48
DCIM101GOPROIt turns out that the actual scene from the movie was a longtail boat ride away. We finally got a nice day to make our way over there. Along the way we stopped to see monkeys on a different beach and went snorkeling in another location.

I didn’t expect to have to climb through a wet rock tunnel and into a patch of palm trees in order to see The Beach. That made it feel so adventurous like the movie, since they had to find the beach as well!

The next day we unexpectedly said goodbye to Nick because he realized he needed to be in Bangkok sooner than he thought to fix his visa for India. He is filming in India for the next few months but his visa wasn’t long enough. He got it all sorted out thankfully. After a month of being with the same interchanging group, Nick was our last friend to leave. Mar and I were on our own for the first time in a month! AH!

We went to the viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi. This view is certainly in my top five favorite views I’ve ever seen! The colors of the water and surrounding hills were vibrant and serene.

2012-07-31 09.35.36
2012-07-31 09.37.03

Our last Thai Island was Railay, a very small and underdeveloped island a short skip away from Phi Phi.

Upon arriving via long tail boat, we were surprised to be dropped off in knee deep water. I barely made it out of the boat without falling over because my backpack was so heavy! Then as we walked toward shore this random lady said to me in a puzzled tone “Why don’t you walk on the sidewalk?”

Oh, of course there’s an under water sidewalk, why didn’t I think of that? **fist to head. Because that’s normal…

There isn’t much to do in Railay unless you’re going deep sea rock climbing (it wasn’t the right season for it apparently). We stayed one night in a very interesting hut that literally just had a mattress on the floor. I think it was maybe $5 for the night…

We walked to the beach on the other side of the island where you could see a pretty rock karst in the ocean. We were a bit puzzled by the view point because we didn’t understand where the path to it was. Well that’s because it’s just a rope hanging from a cliff. We didn’t notice it on the way there but found it on the way back. I had to coax Mar into going because she was afraid we would run into snakes. Once I convinced her she would still be alive at the end of the journey we climbed up and up until we found a beautiful view!

2012-07-31 13.09.46


2012-08-01 09.31.36

This way to the view point? You got it.

2012-08-01 09.14.56
2012-08-01 08.28.112012-08-01 10.55.01
2012-08-01 09.41.16

That’s all for Thailand! We made so many unforgettable memories in the islands. We also met some really incredible people that I feel so thankful to have met. See for more on our friends and recent places:)

Later Thailand

Next up: MALAYSIA!



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