We Just Aren’t In Love

DSC_0336What was it about Singapore?

Was it walking 400 meters in the opposite direction of our destination just to cross the street and walk back, packs and all?

Was it being dropped off under the most confusing mall I’ve ever encountered?

Or was it being stared at in said mall because we were carrying our packs as we tried to find any way out?

Was it forgetting the address of our place and searching for 30 minutes to get wifi to find the address?

Maybe it was finally finding Starbucks, only for the wifi to be disconnected? I about cried.

Or was it the old Chinese lady who would not stop talking for an hour about Singlish, a form of English?

Maybe it was the fact that it took 6 backpackers to open the door of the Marina Bay Sands hotel?

Did we spend to much time in that stupid mall?

Was it riding the escalator down, then staring stupidly at the escalator next to us as it stopped on the floor we actually wanted?

Did we think we scored it big at Marina Bay when a guest put his access card in the elevator while I casually clicked our floor? Yes.

Was that even the floor we wanted? Nope, not even the right tower.

Maybe it was the $15 drinks?

Was it our confusion as to “where the view of the boat is?”

-“You’re on the boat.”

– “Right…”

Or was it the signs that lead us in circles?

Or the signs led us down then right back up?

How about getting lost trying to meet our friends? 40 minutes later…

One thing is for certain- I have never ridden more escalators in my life than I had in one day in Singapore.

We didn’t hate Singapore, we just weren’t in love. We liked China Town, the view from Marina Bay Sands, getting drinks at a bar in a tall building with a spectacular view, and meandering around. We spent a lot of time laughing at all the weird things that kept happening to us. There are some really interesting things to see in Singapore, like the Marina Bay Sands and the Botanical Gardens, two places I really enjoyed seeing. Overall, Singapore was just too expensive for us and we only had one day. Maybe we didn’t get the full experience, but I don’t have a burning desire to return!

Chaingi Airport might actually be the most kick ass airport in the world as far as I’m concerned. Lounge chairs, Tvs, Hot tubs, butterfly garden, wall gardens, you name it.

DSC_0328DSC_0377DSC_0392 DSC_0440 DSC_0466


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