Five tips on Friday

Every Friday ( until I run out of tips) I am going to share five tips I wish I new before going to SEAsia!

1. Don’t be afraid of the bum gun. — Let me start by saying these are not some fancy bidet that you will want to wiggle up next to. This is a toilet with a kitchen sink sprayer attached to the side. So I’m not going to lie. It is a little intimidating at first … but after the third bus stop with no toilet paper I should have sucked it up and tried it out. (It really isn’t that hard to aim.) But no I waited almost two whole months! Major mistake. Don’t wait. Embrace the bum gun.

2. All you need are underwear. — I did laundry roughly every 12-14 days on my trip and it was always ONLY because I ran out of underwear. Your other clothes rarely need washing. Unless you did an epic adventure like climbing a mountain or walked around Bangkok with your pack for a few hours (did someone say Sweat Monster?) you don’t to wash your clothes very frequently at all.

3. A water bottle purse is a must. — You will be carrying huge water bottles around all day, every day. In markets they sell cloth bangs with shoulder straps to carry these bottles so you have your hands free and clean of the bottle sweat. The bags are like a buck. Suck it up and buy one ASAP!


Anna, left, looking great and me, the sweatiest girl in the world.

4. Have a sweat plan. — Personally I am a disastrously sweaty person. It’s pathetic and gross and strange. Walking around a city all day in blaring hot sun will make for a sweaty tourist. Instead of just letting it drip and look nasty, carry around a hankie or a bandana to fix the mess that is your face.

And most importantly …

5. PACKING CUBES. — Packing cubes. Packing cubes. Packing cubes. Everything in your pack should be in its own container. One for clothing, one for delicate, one for toiletries, one for dirty clothes, etc., etc. They kept me sane. (Until they starting falling apart. Then they drove me insane!)

Until next week pals!



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