Back in Wellington

After Canada I spent a few days in San Francisco catching up with Anna and Megan. Thanks for having me ladies, it was a blast! I also hung out with Glen because he happened to be in San Francisco (we met in Thailand)! I’m so glad I got to see so many friends along the way, it makes me so so happy:)

I became Katherine’s temporary flatmate for two weeks. She was my neighbor last time I was in Wellington and is a Kiwi Mate for international students. We hiked up Mount Victoria my second night back—The view never disappoints!




View from Mount Vic

A few days later Alan and I hiked up KauKau, which is in the opposite direction of Mount Victoria and is the highest point in Wellington. It was such a clear day, we could see the South Island from the top.


View from KauKau


South Island in the distance




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I am absolutely loving being back in Wellington. This is my favorite city on earth! At least so far 🙂 My first week back was spent walking around a ton and enjoying the city. It really is ‘the coolest little capital on earth.’

I was having a slight panic attack before I left home because this time, leaving was different. I knew I had to find a job and a place to live and it was all a little more scary. I’ve never been nervous to travel before but this time I was. Then I landed and I was back to my calm self. I didn’t even start looking for jobs for a few days. I was just enjoying being back in Wellington. It’s like being nervous for a race…. you’re antsy and have butterflies in your stomach… But the second the gun goes off all your nerves instantly disappear.


Since my arrival I have applied for many jobs and when I’m not applying for jobs I’m sifting through flats on trademe and oxygen or attending flat viewings. A couple from England and I have teamed up to get a place. It’s seriously a job in itself. The market is really competitive right now because all of the students have returned to Wellington for the start of the school year.

I have turned down two fancy restaurants. Mostly because I would work nights only and I’m reluctant to serve somewhere where I can’t pronounce the food. If I’m going to be challenged, I want it to be in a new type of job. Most places I have applied to have been for reception positions. Tomorrow, I have an interview at a call center, where my friend Francesca just got hired (she’s the girl from England who I will be flatting with). Wish me luck!!

We also might have a flat by Wednesday, PLEASE!!!! All three of us are living in hostels and in and out of friends places.

I spent a few days in Tauaranga and will post on that trip soon!


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