All My Ducks Are Sorted

…Or in a row.

I have internet finally, therefore and update is in order!


I ended up being offered a position at a call center where my flatmate just got hired! I accepted and I was supposed to start last tuesday. When I first arrived I applied for a job at Victoria University working in Accommodation Services but the application deadline wasn’t until February 27th. Knowing I wouldn’t hear anything until March, I continued my job search. Thankfully I was called in for an interview the Friday before my call center job was to start. I left feeling like the interview went well and they said they would contact me late the following week or early the next. That meant I had to start the call center job in the mean time.

I was contacted the following Monday by Accommodation Services asking me to come back in for a chat. We had coffee and I was offered the job! Literally two days after my interview! I am so excited about this job because it’s really good for my resume and it’s something new for me. I can see myself working at a university in the future and it’s a step in the right direction if I want to work in a study abroad office at a university in the future. I didn’t have to start the call center job and quit right away thankfully.

I’ve been on the job three days now and so far two thumbs up! The team of people I work with make me feel very welcome and I can be myself. Working in a serious job will give me a better insight into the 9-5 workplace of New Zealand. It has a reputation for being pretty laid back which I’m already noticing. The job is a lot of admin type stuff, processing applications for the various halls at Victoria and helping out a bit with Wellington Hall ( a ‘hall’ designed to get commuting students involved on campus).

Plus I get FOUR WEEKS PAID TIME OFF. And an extra five days for public holidays. WHAT. I’d have to work like 15 years to get that much time off in the States.

And last but not least I have a home. Francesca, Jake and I found a flat on Cuba Street which is one of the most vibrant and bustling streets in Wellington. We have completely furnished it using a site called Vic Deals on Facebook and Fran and I even sawed a kitchen table into a coffee table- it looks fabulous:) On the negative side, our stove and oven didn’t work when we moved in almost three weeks ago and still don’t. They gave us a little plug in stove in the mean time but hopefully they sort it out any day now. HA! We shall see!


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