Akaroa, A Hidden Gem!

Hello Hello!

I have been on a few trips for work in July. Victoria University holds information evenings around New Zealand so kids can come and get a feel for the university. We present at these info evenings about accommodation and the application process to live in the halls of residence. Dominique and I went to Auckland and Christchurch together and I went to Tauranga on my own. Thankfully I got to ease into public speaking in Auckland to a crowd of about 70. In Tauranga the crowd was much bigger- just under 300! That was a bit more nerve wracking but it was a good challenge for me because I hate public speaking.

Anyways, the reason I mentioned the info evenings is because they allowed me to do a few cool things around New Zealand at the same time. Yay free flights! Dominique is from Christchurch so we stayed there for two days after the IE. She introduced me to a lot of her family members and they were all very lovely! My favorite part about our trip was Akaroa, which is in the peninsula of Christchurch. It’s a classic curvy countryside drive to an itty bitty town in the middle of nowhere.


We were originally just going to swing around the bay pictured above and go to Lylleton, but we were blessed with a perfectly clear sunny day so we ended up making the hour and a half drive out to Akaroa. The road(s?) can get icy in winter, causing them to close down so we ran the risk of getting stuck out there. The weather was perfect so we decided we wouldn’t get stuck. The town was picture perfect, something out of a movie! We got coffees and admired the scenery and sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. I probably would have overlooked Akaroa and the peninsula if it wasn’t for Dom and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about visiting New Zealand.


If you want to know what much of New Zealand is like this sheep photo with the wrinkly hills sums it up pretty well….


Akaroa is a New Zealand Must Do in my opinion!

We spent a day exploring the city of Christchurch as well. Christchurch is a really interesting city and unique in every way so it deserves its’ own post. More on it later! šŸ™‚


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